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Come Enjoy The Fun

There is nothing quite like having fun on the beach. And we have plenty of fun planned!

Check below to see all of the fun entertainment that we have planned so far for this year at Festival.

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Surfs Up

This Florida home town gal will show you how she makes her world renowned surf boards. She will also be giving one away for free!

Face Painting Master

This master of face painting hails from Las Vegas. She paints a variety of different designs, such as animals, flowers, and full face masks.
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exhibitor photo

Awesome Band

The Awesome Band from California will be rocking our ear drums with one of their up tempo performances. Check out some of their songs on their website and social media accounts.

Dr. Fun

Dr. Fun will be having a talk about how to throw an awesome party that leaves everybody happy. You don't want to miss out on learning the tricks for how to be the best host around.
exhibitor photo
exhibitor photo

DJ Funk

DJ Funk comes to us from New York. He will be helping you get your groove on with his performance. Your body won't be able to resist getting up and moving. Check out some of his performances on his website to get a taste of what to expect.

Kite Fliers

These masters of kite flying will help your kids learn how much fun it can be to fly kites. They come to us from the windy city of Chicago to show off their expertise.
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exhibitor photo


These fire twirlers come to us from New Orleans, where they really know how to put on a show. With 12 years of experience, these two will light up the night with their performance.

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