Help With the Fun

We are always looking for great volunteers to help us try to contain all the fun of Festival. Please check out the below volunteer opportunities.

Bonus, volunteers get a free pass to the Festival, so they can have tons of fun themselves when not on duty.

  1. Introductions

    Read a brief introduction of performers before they begin.

  2. Operate Sound System

    Includes setting up microphones, playing CDs, making sure volumes are good, etc.

  3. Craft Demonstrations

    Assist with set up and take down of demonstrations.

  4. Exhibits

    Set up, place and refill literature, place signs, etc.

  5. Admissions

    Help process incoming attendees.

  6. Information Booth

    Help direct people to sites and activities, lost and found, answering general questions, etc.

  7. Merchandise Booth

    Assist in selling Festival merchandise (keep stock placed, help show people merch prior to purchase, and answer questions.

Stay Informed

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This is not an actual event. This is just a demo site.